Green Prescribing

What Is Green prescribing?

Green Prescribing is a non-medical intervention that improves physical and mental health through exposure to the natural environment

Here's the science bit - if you want to know more about the evidence relating to the benefits of Green Prescribing check out the Green Prescribing Video and/or this Green Prescribing Overview and Evidence document

We're also collecting patient stories about how Green Prescribing has help them. If you want us to feature your story please contact us by email, twitter or facebook

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More Information about Greener Practice

We're always being told about how great nature is for our mental and physical health, from increasing physical activity to relaxation or stress reduction. How do we as medical professionals quantify the potential benefits for their patients?

Improving Wellbeing using Urban Nature (IWUN) aims to learn more about how Sheffield's natural environment can improve the health and wellbeing of the city's resident. IWUN has produced a summary document of the up to date evidence on Green Prescribing which you can access by clicking the link below.


Green Prescribing: Overview and Evidence 2018 

Green Prescribing and Health Co-benefits 


A Patient's Story

“Woodland walk is a very good activity to do for people with anxiety, depression, work related stress and any other mental health issues.


I was given a leaflet by my doctor to go online, which I did, and I found it very helpful. You can do activities online or you can do various outdoor and local activities walking, group sessions..


I benefited from the woodland walk with people that are in the same or similar situation so you can walk and chat, it takes your mind off every day life and gives your mind time to relax and enjoy the day.


I benefit from it a lot and it does help especially if you’re having a down day as well and I’m really glad I looked at the website.”


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