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Update your clinical knowledge on high quality and low carbon asthma care.

There are six videos in this section that will provide you with the clinical knowledge you need to implement the quality improvement projects: Introduction, Diagnosis, Disease Control, Device choice, Disposal and Approach to consultations.

1. Introduction

In this 11-min video, Dr Aarti Bansal, GP, explains the background to how this toolkit helps to integrate the aims of improving asthma care and reducing the carbon footprint of care.

2. Diagnosis

In this 8-minute video Dr Andrew Menzies-Gow, (Consultant Respiratory Physician & NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Respiratory Care) explains what to consider when we suspect a patient may have asthma as well as the importance of coding and follow up.

3. Disease Control

In this 5-min video Dr Katherine Hickman, GP and Executive Vice-Chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, explains the importance of spotting SABA over-reliance and promoting adherence to regular preventer therarpy.

4. Device choice

In this 13-min video, Dr Alex Wilkinson, Respiratory Consultant, takes us through the clinical knowledge we need to help patients select the right inhaler device for them.

5. Disposal

In this 2-min video Wendy Tyler-Batt, Clinical Pharmacist, explains how we can inform patients to know when their inhaler is empty and how to dispose of it safely.

6. Approach to consultations

This 9-min video by Carol Stonham, Respiratory nurse practitioner and Executive Chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, is an excellent demonstration of how to integrate high quality and low carbon asthma care during an asthma review.