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The UK's primary care sustainability network


A great place to start in terms of taking action is to engage with sustainability and decarbonisation in your practice.

Use the Green Impact for Health Toolkit

The Green Impact for Health Scheme is a useful tool to get started on the road to sustainable healthcare.

You receive a “working towards” certificate for having set your practice on a greener path with even one simple action, and collecting points leads to bronze, silver, gold and carbon awards. Actions include switching to low-carbon inhalers, social prescribing, referring patients in fuel poverty, reducing over-prescribing, reducing waste and renewable energy.

Sustainable QuaIity Improvement (SusQI)

When you do a QI project, consider the environmental, social and financial impacts of the suggested QI (the Triple Bottom Line, created by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare). See the Educational Resources section for more information on SusQI, as well as the asthma toolkit.

Carbon footprint your practice

A carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation, event or product – in this case the carbon emissions associated with the running of a practice and providing healthcare to our patients. 

There is a free online non-clinical carbon footprint calculator for General Practices in the UK. The calculator measures and identifies the non-clinical greenhouse gas emission hotspots from running our practices and produces a carbon equivalent footprint. For more details, a watch the ‘How to’ video and Q&A from SEE sustainability. A carbon calculator is available at and a practice decarbonisation guide. See sustainability also runs carbon literacy training.

Healthy Environment Workshop

Public Health Wales’ Health and Sustainability Hub has produced this toolkit to support Public Bodies and their staff to consider and reduce their negative impacts on the environment, and increase those activities that have a positive impact.

The online workshop allows teams to discuss the big issues of climate change, zero waste and biodiversity and looks at the activities of the whole team as well as individuals within the team. It is suitable for every team in an organisation, not just those who focus on sustainability, as everyone can make a positive contribution.

Posters for practice use:

Does this have to be shredded?

Double sided printing

Recycle and save paper

Save water when you flush

Switch off the lights

Buy fair trade

Don’t flush old medications

Only boil what you need (for kettles)

Switch it off (computers)

Further posters relevant to the GIFHT can be found here.

Waste stream – a summary is available here. Posters for Domestic waste , Offensive waste and Infectious waste are available free here. There’s also these Top ten tips for boosting biodiversity on your GP Estate.

You can also download a lighting and equipment responsibility plan form here.

For an exemplar of what a sustainability focus looks like in General Practice, see Frome Medical Practice’s sustainability policy.