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There are two projects in this section


The projects in the section ask if there room for improvement in the process of asthma diagnosis and if there are patients who are receiving inhalers who do not have a confirmed diagnosis? Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the two projects in this section.

Target population

The projects in this domain apply to patients aged 5 and over. 

IIF targets and monitoring process

Measuring progress in this domain can be achieved by running the search for Diagnosis Project 2 regularly, with a goal to minimise the number of patients on SABA therapy alone without a diagnosis. Diagnosis Project 2 may reduce the number of patients with SABA over-reliance which is linked to the indicator “RESP-02” in the Network Contract DES Investment and Impact Fund 2021/22.

Education video on asthma diagnosis

Refresh your knowledge of asthma diagnosis and management with this educational video. Share this with other clinical staff to ensure that everyone is up to date. Dr Andrew Menzies-Gow is a consultant respiratory physician who is the NHS England and NHS Improvement National Clinical Director for Respiratory Services.