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South Yorkshire

The first Greener Practice group, our local South Yorkshire group met in person in Sheffield before Covid, but now meets by Zoom, about every 5-6 weeks. We have been working on a large number of initiatives, and we have put together a document covering the main areas of our work. This helps new members of our local group to understand the scope of our work and helps them to get involved with any projects which catch their imagination. We update this document before each meeting. No prior knowledge is needed to become a member of the group – we just need your interest and enthusiasm! If you are interested in joining the group please email:

Greener Practice has organised for medical students to go into practices to deliver carbon reduction actions. If you work in a GP team in Sheffield / South Yorkshire and would like a medical student to come to your practice, please email!

Chair: Dr Fran Cundill

Fran is a salaried GP working in North Sheffield. She became involved by making changes in her own practice a few years ago. She initially found it quite daunting and overwhelming, then in the summer of 2020 she watched the fantastic webinars available on the Greener Practice website.

She joined the Greener Practice South Yorkshire group and found support, enthusiasm and like-minded people! Since then she has become more and more involved, leading to Fran taking on the chair role in February 2022. She is currently undertaking a leadership fellowship.


Local resources

Active Travel To support active travel include Pedal Ready and Sheffield CycleBoost provide free cycle confidence lessons to people . Sheffield CycleBoost also lends regular bicycles and e-bikes to key workers.

South Yorkshire / Derbyshire inhaler recycling : In Chesterfield, John Dent Chemist Ltd, S40 1AH, send inhalers for recycling but unfortunately there are currently no participating chemists in Sheffield (The Wicker pharmacy have stopped their participation).

Here is a map of local Greener Prescribing opportunities.

Sheffield Renewables

Sheffield Renewables are a community enterprise who raise money through community share offers to help put solar panels on community buildings including GP surgeries. The panels are installed free, the practice buys electricity from Sheffield Renewables at a cheaper rate and funds raised help support people living in fuel poverty. Sheffield Renewables will also guide practices if they wish to own the panels themselves. If your practice is interested, get in touch with Sheffield Renewables who can put together a personal business case for your practice.

Resources for medical students

Elective and Student Selected Component Opportunities

In Sheffield, Greener Practice S Yorks provides placements for medical students to teach secondary school students about climate change and health, and we also provide opportunities for students to take part in the Green Impact for Health toolkit with GP practices. We supported a student in an elective to develop resources on education about air pollution, and are happy to support future students on electives.

Active Travel to Placements

In Sheffield, one of our students, Meelie Smith, has created a wonderful website encouraging students to cycle to placements. She hopes to build up this resource with information about General Practice placements, so if you are a GP in Sheffield and have information to share, please contact Meelie at .

Recycling for GP surgeries

Unfortunately small businesses have to pay for recycling services. Greener Practice South Yorkshire has negotiated a reduced price for GPs who want to have a recycling collection, through Recycling Revolution, a not for profit social enterprise. Please mention that you have heard about this discount from Greener Practice.

Healthy Planet Sheffield

We also support Healthy Planet Sheffield, who are a Medics Climate Action Group who educate, advocate and act on the intersections between climate change and human health in Sheffield. They work with the university’s Medical School to improve sustainability and teaching on this topic and are using their recent findings on the Planetary Health Report Card to push for change in the curriculum.

GP Fellowships

These are available in SY for those in the first 5 years after completion of training.

Here is the one for Yorkshire and Humber Deanery.

If you are a GP in the South Yorkshire and North Trent Region, don’t forget to apply for the Green Impact award which is a competition for those in the region. The result will normally be announced at the RCGP SYNT dinner around October. Even the smallest actions make you eligible to apply, and this is done at the click of a button in the “Special” section.

Sheffield Climate Alliance is an alliance of local organisations and individuals who are pressing for fair and effective action to tackle climate change. They have a great website with links to local events. 

Nature Based Activities in South Yorkshire

There are many initiatives in South Yorkshire to encourage engagement with, and physical activity in, nature: Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Wild at HeartGreenfingersHeeley City Farm, Herdings Food Growers, Sheffield Environmental Movement, Peak District Natural Park Mindfulness Walks and Manor Development Trust, Well with Nature. The outdoor city, the Sheffield directory and the Sheffield mental health directory have up to date lists of community activities including ones in nature. Walking for Purpose is a Sheffield based project for people over 16 who need help who are looking for work; the project incorporates regular organised walks, for health and wellbeing, followed by employability sessions. This is a superb initiative for addressing health and social inequalities at the same time as encouraging physical activity outdoors.

Sheffield Foodworks

Achieving a healthy, sustainable diet can be tricky on a limited budget and with little time for shopping sustainably or for cooking. A local Sheffield charity, Food Works, provides healthy cooked meals which can be collected from local hubs around Sheffield. They also supply boxes of groceries for very modest prices, to support families wanting to eat healthily.

Move More Sheffield is an organisation that encourages the people of Sheffield to become more active. Their website gives excellent information on how to stay active, including staying active at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Outdoor city website has links to walking and cycling routes, events in Sheffield and conservation organisations. Here is information from The Outdoor City about park runs in Sheffield.

StepOut Sheffield is an organisation which offers 58 walks across 28 locations across the city, many of which start in local communities and do not require transport to get there. These walks are great for encouraging physical activity but also reduce social isolation. Walks can be tailored for different levels of fitness, so that people with specific conditions (such as heart disease, for example) can take part.

Sheffield Cycling4All is a project run by Disability Sheffield. They run sessions for people with disabilities to use adapted trikes, and to enjoy weekly exercise rides in Hillsborough park.

Active Travel in South Yorkshire

Sheffield City Region have an ambitious plan to improve the roads for cyclists and walkers quickly so that we can continue to enjoy safer cycling and walking in and around Sheffield. To encourage active travel to continue after Covid 19 lockdown, Sheffield City Region are inviting people to comment on where trial infrastructure would encourage people to continue walking and cycling rather than hopping back into their cars. Please follow the link here to offer suggestions based on your experiences.

If you are not confident of riding on the roads, Pedal Ready and Sheffield CycleBoost provide free cycle confidence lessons to people in South Yorkshire. Sheffield CycleBoost also loan e-bikes to key workers.

More information: