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7. Increasing the default prescribing interval for SABA

You can edit the template prescription for SABA inhalers so that the default issue duration is longer. This will allow the medical record system to flag SABA over-reliance automatically if patients are requesting inhalers more frequently.

How this project works will depend on your practice systems for managing prescription requests. For safety reasons it should not result in inhaler requests being denied – rather this project aims that SABA over-reliance can be better recognised. You may wish to recheck default settings after IT system upgrades.

Step 1: Edit prescription template

Edit the prescription templates for all SABA inhalers to adjust the prescribing interval or maximum number of issues.

To limit issues of SABA to fewer than 3 SABA inhalers per year (optimum) an issue duration of 168 days can be set. For fewer than 6 SABA inhalers a year an issue duration of 84 days can be set.

It may also be useful to set a maximum number of issues.