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Greener impact for health: A practical toolkit for greener general practice – 2/10/20

This webinar launched version 7 (2020/21) of the Green Impact for Health (GIFH) toolkit. This free toolkit provides detailed guidance on specific practical actions that GP Practices can take towards environmentally sustainable practice. Each action cites the reasons needed for the action, references the available evidence, and has practical tips to make each task easier. The toolkit has 5 levels of achievement and each can attract an award: Pioneer, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Carbon. The 2020/21 of the toolkit includes a path to net zero carbon by 2030. We heard first from Terry Kemple, Lead GP for the Toolkit, and then from Karen Creffield, Practice Manager at Frome Medical Practice, about their experience of using the toolkit.

We also heard from RCGP Chair Professor Martin Marshall about the RCGP’s Climate 2020/21 Emergency Delivery Plan and from Richard Smith about the work of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, and there was a Q and A session. The webinar was chaired by chaired by Greener Practice Founder, Dr Aarti Bansal.