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The Transition to Net Zero in the Health Sector – 20/1/21

You can find this webinar here. The first section (from 5 minutes in to 32 minutes) is Dr Aarti Bansal (General Practitioner and Founder of Greener Practice) and Frank Swinton (Anaesthetic Consultant, NHS & Climate Change Lead, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Healthcare Partnership) discussing clinician involvement on climate action. From 33 minutes in to 50 minutes Kathryn Dapré (Head of Energy & Sustainability, NHS National Services Scotland) gave an overview of where Scotland are at with their climate action. Finally (from 50 minutes to 1 hr 6 mins) was Andrew Rolf (Associate Director of Building Engineering at Arup) discussing how to achieve net zero carbon healthcare estates. After that there was a Q&A session with all four speakers.